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Predictions for December December 10, 2007

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 I did the reading for December a couple of days ago.  I’m still not quite done making sense of this yet, but I think it’s only fair to put the cards on the table, so to speak.  The general tenor of the news here is fairly positive, but probably not a cakewalk.  Some cards are coming up again, and I’m trying to cross-reference where they were last time to where they are now.  To top it all off, the distribution, as you’ll see, was a bit unusual, and that’s one more thing I intend to comment on once I find the time to get it all typed up.  For now, though, here’s what came up for December, cards only.

(Position: Name of Card–Key Word)

Basis: Father of Cups–Fatherhood

Crossing: 8 of Wands–Swiftness

Distant Past: Strength–Confidence

Recent Past: 5 of Wands–Defeat

General Direction: Ace of Swords–Cognition

Immediate Future: 3 of Swords–Mourning (reversed)

Querant: Daughter of Swords–Confidence (reversed)

Outside Influences: 6 of Wands–Victory

Hopes and Fears: 6 of Swords–Science (reversed)

Outcome: 3 of Wands (Virtue)

Distribution: Earth 0, Air 4, Fire 5, Water 1

Again, I’ll explain what all that means once I’ve got the time to do justice to it.





Rather than do a whole new post once I’m done making sense of this, I’ll add the interpretations to this post right here.  Can’t do it right this second, but will as time and life permit.  And how ’bout that win over the Devils last night?!  😀



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