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So, how’d I do? December 6, 2007

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Last month, I wrote a post giving my predictions for the Caps for the month of November. 

Well, November is now over, and as promised, I’m going to critique my reading right here, for everyone to see.  I didn’t get everything right, not by a long shot, but some of what I missed was sort of subtle.  Knowing how some of that works will make me better prepared for the reading I’m going to do for the remainder of December.  Go ahead and give that link above a click: it will open a new window, so you can check back and forth between my predictions and my evaluation of them.  I will assume you have the predictions available, so I won’t quote myself in the interest of saving space.

Let’s get right to how November turned out:

The first card last time was The Magician, reversed.  I said that this was an indication of a team in a rut, and November bore me out a little too well in that regard.  It seemed evident that then-Coach Hanlon had gotten all he could out of the players by Thanksgiving, and new blood was brought in behind the bench.  Results on that are mixed so far.  I will take credit for reading this one correctly: the Caps were in a rut at the time I asked the question, and regrettably, they stayed there a little too long.

The crossing card I drew was the Six of Swords, and my evaluation of that was that the team knew what to do to succeed, and now it was just a matter of execution.  At the time, I took this to mean execution on the ice: looking back at it now, it seems the biggest matter of execution last month was off the ice.  Now, further down, I thought there might be a coaching change in store in November.  Given that, I might have done better to look back here at the Six of Swords and consider whether the execution needed to come from the players or the front office.  Let’s just say that I didn’t get this one all the way wrong.  Right neighborhood, wrong street.

The distant past card was Aeon, which I said seemed to be an acknowledgement of the team’s rebirth over the summer.  I said that the offseason was old news by now, and it was time to move forward.  Looking at it now, that promise-filled offseason really DOES look like ancient history at this point, what with the Caps currently standing dead last in the league.  :~(  I was on the right track here, but I wasn’t specific enough to satisfy my toughest critic (me), so I’ll call this one half-right at best.

And did I ever misread the next one!  The recent past was The Tower, and I took that to mean that since it was showing up in the past, that we were done with all the destruction, and could look for better news in November.  This was another case of me not reading the whole board.  Look toward the end, where I said that we went from hope of Dominion to diminished hope at the end of November.  That should have told me that there was hope still to be lost, so more losses were to come.  And again, I thought a coaching change might be in store, and they wouldn’t have let Glen Hanlon go if the team had suddenly come around.  So why did I get that the destruction was over?  Even with the answer settled, I’m still a little puzzled by this particular card here.  See why I hate The Tower, folks?!  Sheesh!

The next card up was a reversed Ten of Stones, which I took to be the anticipation of a celebration, even if it hadn’t started yet.  Well, not quite…unless you count temporarily placating the fans who were screaming for Hanlon’s head on a pike.  I said that once the team gets healthy and starts clicking, the wins will come.  Well, duh–they should have, but they didn’t, and least not in November.  I think they may be a bit more successful in December, what with their new bench boss.  Not a good assessment for November, unless you count the jubilation over Hanlon’s ouster from the GM’s who pay to attend the games.  (And some of whom don’t even bother showing up, but that’s a whole other rant: don’t get me started.)

The next card up was Father of Swords, reversed.  I said that might portend a coaching change in November, and what do you know?  Those monkeys with typewriters evidently just came up with “Get Up and Bar the Door.”  Or something.  I think most of us were convinced that George McPhee would hang on to Coach Hanlon for dear life, come Hoboken or nap time, until it was too late to salvage the season.  Just on a whim, I checked the Fire Hanlon thread on the Caps’ boards, which was started after I made my predictions.  10 people on the thread said they didn’t expect Hanlon to go in November, 4 said he would be gone in November, and 4 people called it perfectly when they said he’d be gone by Thanksgiving.  Also, one of those who’d initially said Hanlon would go by November’s end later changed his mind away from that (I’ve counted that person in both categories.)  So it was a slight minority who’d said Hanlon would be gone by November’s end.  I’ll call this one a spot-on read–IF I do say so myself.  🙂

Next card up was Father of Cups, which, on reflection, I might have been better to read as Chris Clark.  We were without him for a couple of games with his ear, and was he ever missed.  The description of a father figure does look, in hindsight, like it fits Clark better than it does Ovechkin.  And the idea that one person can “be” the team–well, that does fit the guy with the C more than the guys with the A’s.  I’m going to call this one a misread on my part.  (Court cards kill me.)

I had Seven of Wands up under outside influences–the Caps taking courage from outside sources.  There’s no way I can definitively confirm or deny this without talking to someone within the organization, so I’m going to have to put this one down as an unknown read.  I also have to say the same for the Two of Wands in the hopes and fears position after that–without someone inside the locker room or front office, I have no way to say, conclusively, whether I got this one right or wrong.

But I think I can say without hesitation that I got the outcome right–diminished hope, as indicated by The Star, reversed.  Whatever hope there might have been at the end of October–which I can’t prove either way–it certainly would have had to diminish a bit after how we did in November.  We’re not out of it yet–there’s still a lot of hockey left to play over the next few months–but we’ve lost the luxury of any kind of cushion.  One more losing streak like we had in November, and it’s going to be another long string to play out.

I’ll be doing a reading for the balance of December a bit later on tonight if my schedule permits.  If not tonight, then at least at some point before the Caps-Devils contest tomorrow night.





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