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Interesting reading October 29, 2007

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I’m not sure why I got this idea, but I thought it might be worthwhile to do a reading on how the Caps will do in November.  For those who are interested, I use the Quest Tarot deck, which has a couple of variations from the traditional Rider-Waite deck.  Now, when I start going into some of the cards that came up in this reading, given my recent Tarot-related post, you’ll swear I stacked the deck.  Don’t go there: this was a fair shuffle, and I was just as surprised at some of the results.  For those who know Tarot, I used a Celtic Cross layout.  Here’s what I got.

The first card in the layout represents what the querant is bringing to the reading.  The card drawn was The Magician, reversed.  The Magician is all about change, transformation, and being able to make something new out of something old.  When reversed, The Magician indicates a lack of transformation–being stuck in a rut, being unable to make anything happen.  We’ve lost a lot of hockey games recently, and so that would tend to back this up.  We are, admittedly, in a bit of a rut, and it seems we’re having trouble making changes.

The second card is the card that crosses–it represents either the road the querant is on, or some force opposing the querant.  The card drawn was the Six of Swords–Science.  Swords represent the intellect, and they tend to be more bad news than good.  The Six of Swords, however, is at the very least not a bad card.  What it means by itself is that the way forward is known: intellect is paying off, strategy is coming to fruition, the thought energy in play is working for the good.  As a crossing card, it would tend to indicate that the querant knows where they are, they know where they need to go, and they know how to get there.  I’m sure that’s true of the Caps: they know what they have to do to win.  The trouble is that they’re having trouble executing some nights, and so success hasn’t been that plentiful in October.  My take on the Six of Swords as a crossing card is that the Caps know quite well what they need to do to succeed in November.  They know: the question now is one of execution.

The third card drawn represents the distant past.  Here, the card is Aeon–Rebirth.  This card corresponds to Judgement in traditional decks, and was one of the cards I mentioned a few posts ago.  Aeon represents a new day rising from a dark night; a new way of looking at things; a new way of doing business.  I have a feeling that this card represents this past offseason, with our free-agent pickups and well-played draft.  The word coming out of the offseason was that the rebuild was over, which would fit this particular card hand in glove.  The Caps were reborn, in a sense, over the summer, right down to their uniforms.  This is a fitting acknowledgement of that rebirth, and perhaps a cue to accept the decisions made and move forward.  I know there are some who still question the moves made in the offseason.  In this position, Aeon would indicate that by now, that’s old news.  A new day is here; move forward, even if it’s raining outside.

The fourth card drawn represents the recent past, and here’s where you’re going to wonder if I stacked the deck.  The card I drew was none other than The Tower.  As I mentioned previously, The Tower is all about destruction: everything falls apart.  That’s the bad news.  The GOOD news here–VERY good news–is that this is showing up in the past.  In other words, it was definitely there, but we’ve moved past it, or are at least starting to move past it.  The Tower is normally very, very bad news, but here, it’s showing up in a position that says its influence is receding.  So in this particular position, The Tower actually starts looking like good news.  Yes, October stank.  But it’s over.  The stinkage is done.  November awaits.  Let’s embrace it.

The fifth card represents where things are right now.  Here, the card was Ten of Stones–Richness, reversed.  Face-up, the Ten of Stones is wonderful news: a celebration, rich rewards, you made it!  That sort of influence.  When it’s reversed, the celebration and rewards are still there, but they’re not quite realized just yet.  It’s like the party’s all set up, but it’s not quite ready to start just yet.  Basically, what this card means in this spot is not a celebration, but an anticipation of one.  It’ll happen, just not right away.  So while we may indeed come out of November much better than where we are now, I wouldn’t expect the snowball to start rolling right away.  But, once the team gets healthy and starts clicking, the wins will come.  That’s my take on this card in this position.

The sixth card is something that’s just about to happen.  Here, the card was the Father of Swords, reversed.  Remember what I just said about Swords being bad news?  Face-up, the Father of Swords card represents a very skilled, very decisive leader, someone you want on your side.  You don’t want to cross him, though, because he’ll tell you in no uncertain terms what he thinks.  He makes decisions quickly and with finality, but would go through hell and back to defend those he loves.  When reversed, however, and for lack of a better description, he’s the boss from Dilbert.  You don’t want to be around this person: he’s sadistic, cruel, and evil-hearted.  He’s selfish.  He mistreats those whom he leads.  I don’t personally know of anyone in the Capitals organization who fits this description–certainly not Ted Leonsis or Glen Hanlon–and I’m not about to hazard a guess.  So I’m going to leave it up to the reader to figure out who this is that’s coming the Capitals’ way.  Come to think of it, this may portend a coaching change.  They’re NOT going to hire Bob Hartley, I hope.

The seventh card represents the querant.  The card I drew was the Father of Cups–Fatherhood.  This represents a very strong father figure, someone who’s responsible, who’s intelligent, bordering on brilliant, who enjoys the limelight even if he has an emotional streak.  Whatever person this represents, he is the organization right now.  If this had been some other card–a number, or perhaps a Major Arcana card–I could just say that the team is under this particular influence right now.  Instead, I’m looking at a court card, so that means that there’s one person right now–a Father of Cups figure–who, for lack of a better description, IS the Caps right now.  That’s not a bad thing, as the Father of Cups is very, very loyal.  What I worry about with this card in this position is, if this were one of the players, and something were to happen to that player, what happens to the rest of the team?  I tried not to name names last time, but this time, I have to wonder: might this card possibly represent Alex Ovechkin?  He’s a brilliant player, and he’s not afraid to show emotion out on the ice.  He’s stated his loyalty to the Washington area.  It’s a thought.  And we’ve already been told that he’s the future of the Caps, so that would make sense.  It’s a thought, nothing more.

The eighth card drawn represents outside influences surrounding the question.  The card drawn was Seven of Wands–Courage.  Wands are almost entirely good news, and this one, in this position, represents courage coming from outside the organization.  I’m thinking of the Courage Caps the team is now selling–how apropos.  Thanksgiving is in November, and you have to believe the Caps will be doing a lot of community outreach throughout the month.  They recently did their annual visit to Children’s Hospital, which I’m certain was a source of inspiration to everyone on the team.  Also, there’s the Canned Food Drive this Friday night–DON’T FORGET, those of you coming to the game–and that should be a source of some inspiration to the team.  With all the community outreach the Caps will be doing this month, that bodes well for the team taking courage in from the outside.

The ninth card represents hopes and fears.  The card here is the Two of Wands–Dominion.  Well, we can rule fears out of this equation!  The Two of Wands is wonderful news–think raising your arms and saying, Yes!  I did it!  So the hope of success remains with the organization.  They still believe they have what it takes to win the Stanley Cup.  This year.  They are not giving up because of a bad stretch in the month of October.  They realize that it’s a long journey from now to April, and a longer one still to June.  They still Believe.  The question now is, if the team still expects success, shouldn’t we, the fans, expect it, too?

The tenth card represents the final outcome.  And again, I didn’t stack the deck here, but the card I drew was The Star–but reversed.  As I discussed earlier, The Star represents hope, and looking forward to better times ahead.  When reversed, that hope is still there, but it’s obscured a bit.  Think clouds in the night sky, obscuring the view of the stars.  This may perhaps be a prediction of dimming hope, given the Two of Wands in the last position.  We’ve gone from a hope of Dominion to a final outcome of lessened, but still present, hope.  There will still be hope for this team when December dawns, but it may not be as strong as it was during, say, our season-opening win streak.

Overall evaluation: It looks like November is going to be a bit of a mixed bag.  The team is moving away from a period of all bad news, but it seems that there won’t be a lot of big, splashy good news in November.  I would surmise, given this layout, that while we won’t keep on losing the way we have been, that we won’t exactly be tearing up the standings in November, either.  We will still be a factor on any given night, but some nights may be a little more difficult than others.  We may start November on a bit of a down note, then fight our way back over the latter part of the month.  I would expect some adjustments in early November, but a bit more success later in the month.

As ever, I take my crow medium well.




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