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So where do we go from here? October 17, 2007

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The Caps have had several days off since their loss in Buffalo, and open a 4-game homestand tomorrow night.  They’ll be up against the Islanders, which is the team they got their last win against.  The Islanders will be smarting for a rematch, looking to do to us in our building what we did to them in theirs.  And while I don’t expect the Caps to take this one lightly, I am worried they may try to mail this one in if it gets out of hand.  After all, they’ll have less than 48 hours until they drop the puck–and maybe the gloves–against the Penguins.

And yet, here we are again, back at for want of a nail.  When it takes 90 points or better–probably a LOT better–to make the REAL hockey season (i.e., the playoffs), no game is a mail-in.  So what happens if the Islanders game gets out of hand one way or the other?  If way ahead, do they coast, or lay it on?  If way behind, do they concede, or go for the rally?

It’s easy to say, “Keep fighting” either way, but again, we’ve got the Pens in our barn, on a Saturday night, less than 48 hours after the final horn on this one.  So do we go for the jugular against the Islanders, and take the “mo” into the Pens game?  Or do we play it conservative, and leave a little on the table so we can have a little more in the tank for Pittsburgh?  If tomorrow’s a close game, this won’t even be a question.  But the temptation to back off will be there should the score get lopsided. 

 Best counsel I can offer about that kind of temptation, if anyone wants it, is James 1:12-16.

I will be at the game tomorrow night, so no new posts tomorrow.  Hope to see us both back here, however briefly, Friday evening.





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