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A comment about comments October 16, 2007

Posted by CapitalSpirit in Uncategorized.

For those of you trying to make your first comment: do not panic when it doesn’t show up right away.  I have security on this blog as tight as I can make it without pre-modding every single comment.  I don’t engage in censorship, but up with spambots I don’t put.  So if it’s your first post here, or if your post contains a URL, it will be held until I take a look at it and verify that you’re a human being who’s not spamming.  I only have to approve you once, and from there, mi casa su casa.  However, any offsite links will still be held and verified by me before they’re posted, even if you’ve been previously approved.

I don’t like having to put either myself or my readers through that–it’s more work for me, and more aggravation for you.  But I’d much rather explain my security than apologize for comment spam.



1. CapitalSpirit - December 31, 2007

Or, it turns out, let my readers put up with assininities. Earlier tonight, I got a comment from a Buck Atkinson, who used a fake email address as cover while he accused me of being a latter-day Jeffrey Dahmer. (I WISH I was kidding.)

I’m not going to let that stand: personal attacks that have nothing to do with the post at hand have no place on this blog, and I will delete them. I also ran a Whois and reported this joker to his ISP. I’ll post an update if they get back to me.

I don’t mind an honest difference of opinion, but this was way out of line for a first-time post.

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