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Sharp Dressed Man October 15, 2007

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Yes, that’s a ZZ Top reference. Get over it.

For me, part of showing Capital Spirit–in both senses of the phrase as I use it–is how I dress for the game. Literally everything I wear to a game has a symbolic significance.

SHOES–I wear a pair of plain black working shoes to games. No fancy sneakers; no pretentious wingtips; just a pair of plan, black working shoes–inexpensive, functional, unremarkable. The symbolic message for me is, “Go where you’re needed.” Almost always, that’s Row E of Section 417. But should I be needed elsewhere, I will answer that calling. SOCKS–Plain, white athletic socks, the kind you buy ten pairs at a time. White has always been a symbol of purity, and by wearing white socks, I am reminded to keep my steps pure. That is, I try not to do something at a game that I might regret later.

JEANS–Blue jeans. The blue is to comply as best I can with team colors. Jeans were invented by Levi Strauss in the 1800s as a working outfit. They have become casual wear since then. What jeans tell me is that while I may in fact be there for entertainment–the casual wear idea–I’m also there to show Capital Spirit. So in that sense, I’m “working” at the games, as much as I am having fun.

JERSEY AND NAME–Gotta keep my uniform current. Custom red home jersey, with “Absaraka 94” on the back. By wearing a jersey, I identify myself–if only in small-s spirit–with the guys on the ice. Ovechkin’s there to score; Kolzig’s there to stop the puck; I’m there to demonstrate Capital Spirit. By putting my “first name” on the jersey, I invite familiarity (i.e., being on a “first-name basis.”)

NUMBER 94–The number 94 has nothing to do with Sergei Berezin. When working with angels, 9 is a number that refers to your mission; 4 is a number that refers to the angels. Taken together, 94 is a symbol of my life’s mission: to shine the Light of God’s love everywhere I go–even, crazy as it seems, at hockey games.

RING–A bronze ring with an angel on it. The angel is there to remind me of my mission. A ring is a circle: it has no beginning and no ending. Bronze is a metal that lasts a very long time. The message for me here is “Never, ever, EVER forget what you’re here for.”

MEDALLION–Made of silver, with Archangel Michael on one side, and Archangel Gabriel on the other. I’m usually not without this, but I normally wear it under my shirt, where it sits (appropriately) right next to my heart. For game nights, I wear it where it can be seen, on the outside of my outfit. Michael represents justice and protection; Gabriel represents communication and strength. Michael’s image is worn on the outside, so that his protection can face the world; Gabriel’s image is on the inside, so that his strength is closer to my heart.

CLOAK–Yes, I know it makes me look like a monk. And I often joke that if it weren’t for the vow of obedience, I’d already be a monk, since I seem to have the poverty and chastity parts already covered. Put another way, I’m already square on No Money and No Honey; all I need to work on now is Don’t Get Around Much Anymore. Kidding aside, remember that scene in “Miracle” when Coach Brooks is skating the players into the ice? Remember that one line he gives about representing yourself and your teammates every time you pull on that jersey? Remember that bit about the name on the front being more important than the name on the back? That’s what the cloak is about: representing myself and my (heavenly) teammates. I put up with a lot of scrutiny–and, sadly, way too many idiotic comments from passerby–every time I wear the cloak in public. It represents my allegiance to a Much Higher Team, despite everything. Even though it is not easy to wear, and even though I get a lot of insecure people insulting it on the street, I still wear it, to show allegiance despite difficulties. It’s the ultimate way of saying, “THIS is not a fair-weather fan!” (And yes, it does has a hood.)

RAVE LIGHTS–a very literal way to let my light so shine. The lights I wave represent the Divine Light. I know the symbolism is going to get lost on most of the fans in the building, but that’s what it means to me. I don’t know if the players can see these on the bench or not, but if so, I’d like them to know by the lights that there’s at least one (half-crazed?) fan in the building who believes in them, win or lose.

I wasn’t kidding when I said hockey and spirituality were going to collide on this blog, folks.




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