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If they’d had hockey back then… October 15, 2007

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If the writer of Ecclesiastes had been an NHL fan…

This is my take on an idea that’s probably been done better by someone else already. Oh, well…enjoy it anyway.

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.
A time to play at home, a time to play away; 
A time for The Star Spangled Banner, a time for O Canada;
A time to win the faceoff, a time to lose the faceoff;
A time to pass, a time not to pass;
A time to possess the puck, a time to play dump and chase;
A time for the power play, a time for the penalty kill;
A time to set up, a time to shoot;
A time to go top shelf, a time to go 5-hole;
A time for the blocker, a time for the stick;
A time to start in goal, a time to be backup;
A time to drop the gloves, a time to skate away;
A time for the breakaway, a time for tic tac toe;
A time for a shorthander, a time to stay at home;
A time for a whistle, a time for a no-call;
A time for the call to stand, a time to overrule it;
A time to cheer, a time to boo; 
A time to be quiet, a time to be rowdy;
A time to streak, a time to slump;
A time to panic, a time to believe;
A time to dress, a time to be scratched;
A time to be called up, a time to be sent down;
A time to be injured, a time to be healed; 
A time to be waived, a time to be claimed;
A time to trade, a time to keep the team together;
A time to draft, a time to sign a free agent;
A time to make the playoffs, a time to play golf;
A time for a sweep, a time for Game 7;
A time to advance, a time to go home;
A time to weep, and a time to hoist the Stanley Cup.”




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